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Should You Embellish Your Resume?

Embellish Your Resume

You know, some articles we tend to beat around the bush, especially when we think that you need a little more explanation and introduction than we might normally give. However, when it comes to the subject of embellishing your resume, we feel the need to jump right into things. First and foremost, you really want […]

Should you include your salary history on a resume

salary history resume

A prospective employer asking for salary history prior to an interview is about as welcome as someone on a first date asking you questions about your sexual history over a dinner. The difference between them is that you desperately want that second date – the interview. However, giving your salary history to a prospective employer […]

What Personal Details Should Be On Your CV?

Personal Details CV

This section is straightforward, but it’s important to start with some don’ts before we get on to the dos. Where people often get this section wrong is to put too much detail in. Sadly, in the ageist society we live in it is not advisable to put in your date of birth if you are […]

How to Write a CV for Work Experience

How to Write a CV

This is vital and it is here that your CV will either succeed or fail. There are a number of key things to bear in mind when you write this section. Keep it relevant Write these down on a sheet of paper or highlight them in the specs. Then for each, write down your experience […]

How to Start Your First CV

How to Start Your First CV

Of course, where you are starting from and what you are aiming for will have an impact on your CV. So you may be any one of the following – and more than one at different times: – You may be a school leaver with the problem that you have very similar qualifications and education […]

How to Prepare and Write Your CV

Close up of Curriculum Vitae title page

Today you are going to get down to the nitty gritty of writing your CV. You might think it odd that you have waited so long before you actually start the writing process, but being prepared is important. With the preparation you have done, the writing should come easy and you should be able to […]

How to Draw Up a CV

Draw Up a CV

The first step when drawing up your CV is to make sure you see both the wood and the trees, the detail and the big picture. This is probably the most difficult thing about putting a CV together. All of us have had experiences, all of us have lived lives. The hard part is to […]

Getting your CV Right


Before you start putting detailed information together, if s worth looking at what makes a successful CV in most people’s eyes. Then you can put your details into a framework you know is a good one. There are a number of basic things to get right for your CV to pass the acid test. There’s […]